I love boyish girls and girlish boys

Or rather, I love it when people break out of their gender roles and what’s typically expected of a person of that gender. I love it when a girl gets a pixie  cut or shaves her head, and I love it when a male wears skinny jeans, or writes poetry (which isn’t actually supposed to be considered “girly” but usually, if a guy joins the poetry club in high school or a school that isn’t specifically for that they get called “gay” or such “insults” by people who are not in it). It makes me so happy. I like the feel that we’re..evolving somehow. I feel like “gender” in general, and specifically gender roles confine us so much. Gender is such a thin, transparent thing. It tends to define who we are, and I don’t believe that’s right. If more males would step out of their comfort zone and try something that’s “for girls” and more girls would take a break from trying to look and act like Barbie and shave their head, try football, or get dirty, then there would be so much more openness in the world. There would be less judgement, because with gender roles comes expectations that can’t always be fulfilled. It’s not always possible for a girl to be thin or have long hair. It’s not always possible for a guy to be fit and manly. And that’s usually what is expected of those genders. I don’t see why they need to be there. I don’t see why the male is supposed to pay for dinner. I don’t see why girls are supposed to have long hair, or at least hair to their chin. I don’t see why only girls can wear dresses, make-up, and heels. It would make me so happy to see more people breaking the social norms of society, and break from what’s traditional. It would make me so happy to see everyone grab the corner of that thin, transparent sheet called “gender” wrapped so tightly around them, crumple it up, and just throw it out to the wind. Also, no, I don’t mean your genital areas when I say gender. By “gender” I mean, what’s expected of a guy and what’s expected of a girl in today’s society.

Also, I definitely do not see why we bother with the whole “gay, straight, bi, pansexual, genderless” thing. Why can’t we all just get rid of our orientations in general, get rid of our sexuality labels in general, and fall in love with who ever we fall in love with? Why don’t we leave our hearts and minds open to whomever we fall in love with. Whether it be a girly girl, a manly boy, a girlish boy, or a boyish girl. Or none of the above. Who knows. Why do we bother keeping on restrictions of who we are. Of course, that’s not possible. We’re barely through sexual discrimination. I know we need the labels, but in a perfect world, there would be none.

This paragraph is more of a personal preference, but I honestly find it more attractive when a person goes against their gender. When a girl wears baggy jeans, boxers, and a flannel shirt with short hair. And when a guy grows his hair long and wears tight jeans and a tight shirt. Or, when they just dress however they feel. If he feels  feminine that day then he’ll dress like a “girl” or if she feels manly today, she’ll dress like a “boy”. However they feel would express themselves best. Because, whether or not we like to admit it, someones looks are the first thing that another person sees, and yes, they do judge them off it. Some judge harsher than others, and some keep stronger first impressions, but everyone judges upon sight. If you see a teenage girl with a Hannah Montana tee shirt and hat, you’re going to assume she likes Hannah Montana, right? Right. If you see a girl with dyed black hair mostly black clothing, some screamo-band tree shirt, and fringed  hair, you’re going to assume she’s scene or something, right? Right. Yes, everyone does judge by appearance. At first, at least. When someone dresses outside of what their gender usually wear, I immediately gain at least a little respect for them at having the guts to do that, because if a girl does that she’s called a dyke. If a guy does that, he’s called gay. And it usually makes me think that they have a good sense of self-worth and confidence, which is always in style and always very attractive.


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  1. Really interesting, finally I found someone who thinks about it just as me, and can express it with words in such easy way· n_n

    Usually I’m not good at expressing ideas, thinkings and my own emotions···

  2. Hello Amber, I am a male and my age really is not a factor with this. I have corresponded with a group of feminist (all by accident and is another story) and every time we trade messages we end up in a heated argument. These women think that most boys should be raised like a girl (not as a girl). There point is that the world is going to women so lets raise the boys to accept it…..more in college, making more money, leaders….blah blah blah. This is the way they think. One feminist has raised her son in dresses since day one and he is 9 now. I told her she is robbing the child of his future and who he was really meant to be. There are boys that are considered transgendered and these boys need professional guidance and help. I am talking about an average boy who is being brainwashed into thinking he should be feminine. It is important that children (both boys and girls) have a balance of feminine and masculine in their upbringing. I do think boys should know how to cook and sew because they could need this when they are out on their own. Boys should be raised to treat women with respect and look at them as equal and this can be done without raising him to be a feminine male. The vast majority of women today do not want a feminine male for a mate. These boys being raised by these feminist will be destined to a lonely and sad life or even led to a gay life. I think boys should be raised to become strong men. I’m not saying that boys should shun femininty….they should understand it and respect it. These sick feminist need to stop destroying these boys’ lives. Nature will always give boys masculine instincts and girls feminine instincts and for a good reason.


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